Sustainable Door Carrier

Plant Based, Lower Weight, High Impact Resistance

Utilizing plant based polyurethane spray for sealing, binding and reinforcement as well as natural fiber sheets stamped with sustainable mesh inlay, Magna's next generation door carrier offers 70-90% sustainable material with up to a 40% weight savings.

The sustainable door carrier also increases safety with up to 4x higher impact resistance.

We are doing our part to create a better world of mobility, responsibly. Utilizing ecofriendly material while not sacrificing safety.

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70-90% sustainable material

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Up to 4x higher impact resistance

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Up to a 40% weight savings

Sustainable Door Carrier - Spotlight

Material options for sustainability

Can be any combination, but not limited to what is shown. There are no additives to keep the non-woven fibers together with this process.

Material sample made from Hemp



Material sample made from 80% Jute & 20% Basalt

80% Jute, 20% Basalt

Material sample made from 70% Flax & 30% Bamboo

70% Flax, 30% Bamboo


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