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Magna is an innovative leader in the development and manufacturing of high quality complete seating systems. Our solutions includes seating structures, mechanisms and hardware, as well as foam and trim products for global automotive, heavy truck and bus industries. Our capabilities include market and consumer research; in depth concept development; and integrated design, engineering, validation and world-class manufacturing. Our award-winning seating solutions are developed from research, finding the ease of operation to be comfortable, convenient and connected.


Magna’s award-winning seats are among the most comfortable in the industry. The reason? Unlike many of our competitors, we factor comfort into every phase of development, from ideation to production. Magna Seating’s Center for BioSciences™ comprises experts in biomechanics and ergonomics who leverage our decades of experience, proprietary tools and techniques to craft one thing: a customer-pleasing seating experience. Quite simply, our seats are better built for comfort – right from the start.

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Easing the pressures in seat designs.
The body’s dynamic response to gravity when seated is the principle behind our proprietary pressure mapping tool, MagnaMap™. We use MagnaMap™ to analyze the pressures placed on the body when sitting, entering and exiting the vehicle. The algorithm is so robust, we use it to program the machines that mimic human contact with prototype seats, thereby reducing the number of often costly consumer trials needed in seat development and validation.

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Engineering for human interaction.
Magna takes comfort beyond a seat’s cushion, back and headrest, and into the interplay of movement between the occupant, the vehicle interior and the seat itself. With an assist from Jack™, a human modeling and simulation software tool, we create three-dimensional, virtual worlds to study and then hone these human-to-seat interactions before they make it into our seat final designs. Our virtual ergonomic studies also extend into adapting immersive video game technologies to further enhance our ability to innovate seats for our customers that are ready for today, as well as the advances for tomorrow in connected and autonomous mobility.

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Pelvic vs Lumbar

A better support system.
When designing for comfort, the historic approach has been to construct seats that support the lumbar region. The premise: recreate the natural, low back curve the body has when standing, and comfort will follow when seated. The problem? Force must be applied to the back to achieve the curve – a lever of force which puts stress on the hips, thighs and ultimately fatigues the spine. At Magna, we took a different path. We design our seats for pelvic support. By supporting the pelvis with seat contours and shapes that we’ve researched and perfected over time, the spine more naturally achieves a comfortable, stable position. Pelvic support is an approach that benefits our OEM customers because it removes guesswork and satisfies comfort requirements of all consumers – all body sizes and genders.


We are dedicated to providing best-in-class design and execution through benchmarking, best practices, design guidelines and validation. We achieve functional, fashionable seating through the blend of art & engineering.

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