EZ Entry

Interior view of a vehicle with Next Gen EZ Entry Seats

Now everyone will fight for the back seat!

Magna brought the first 2nd row manual EZ Entry seat to the North American market that made getting into and out of the 3rd row easier by pitching and sliding forward and is now revolutionizing the next generation of EZ entry solutions.

The next generation pitch slide has an innovative linkage system that has gone from 9 to 5 links. This reduces weight and enables an industry leading foot path to the 3rd row. The result, which is enhanced even more with Magna’s FreeForm molded trim technology, is a new sleek profile that requires less assembly time and improved craftsmanship. This seat looks so good you might mistake it for a front row seat.

Experience Next Gen EZ Entry™

Technology Video
Mechanism that is used to adjust Next Gen EZ Entry seats

Industry leading foot clearance to make getting in and out of the 3rd row hassle free.

Ability to adjust seat position with your smartphone

Control all functions of the power seat from an app on your phone.

Vehicle with hatchback open and seats folded down into floor

Fold and dive technology allows all seats to be completely flat.

Next Gen EZ Entry Seat

When combined with FreeForm the seat looks just like a 1st row seat.

Interior of vehicle with Next Gen EZ Entry seats

A seat your child can grow into.

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