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Electric drives are our way into the future.
Efficient conventional drives are in our DNA.

Although market trends show a clear shift towards electrified vehicles, the share of conventional powertrains will globally still be significant during the next decade. Therefore, Magna continues to work intensively on efficiency improvement of all conventional drivetrain solutions. Being a long-term premium supplier for the global automotive industry, we have broad experience and a unique market position. With this special know-how, our innovations contribute to the overall performance of the vehicle with any type of powertrain, always pushing to the next level of CO2 emissions reduction.

Our conventional product portfolio varies from advanced all-wheel drive (AWD) and four-wheel-drive systems (4WD) over disconnect systems to manual (MT) and dual-clutch transmissions (DCT) tailored to global market needs.

Modern AWD systems have to meet a variety of different requirements including improved vehicle dynamics and performance, higher safety through optimized traction, and lowest fuel consumption and emissions. Magna supports this development with innovative, efficient and cost effective 4WD and AWD systems. We support transverse and longitudinal drivetrain layouts for a variety of vehicle segments.

All transmissions from Magna are based on layshaft transmission technology and provide a variable combination of efficiency, driving comfort and performance. Offering a multitude of ratio layout options, this technology allows for adjustments in single ratios and gear spread according to the specification of each engine. This helps the engine to operate at its most efficient range. It also enables very low frictional losses within the transmission itself with a potential degree of efficiency well above 95 percent.

Dual Clutch Transmissions

Two Transmissions in One

Magna dual-clutch transmissions offer the best driving comfort, top-of-the-line efficiency and supercar driving dynamics. Intelligent software ensures that while one gear is active, the next is already preselected. During gear changes, two clutches are actuated alternately. This allows seamless shifts without torque interruption, speeds up gear change and avoids the jolt associated with regular automatics.

Compared to conventional automotive transmissions with torque converters, dual-clutch transmissions are about five percent more economical and in some driving cycles and vehicles even more than 20 percent.

Manual Transmissions

Modular Manual Transmissions

Magna manual transmissions are designed according to a modular concept. By varying the number of speeds and the maximum torque density, we can apply one layout to numerous engines. In addition, we continuously optimize all elements of transmission design, from bearings and sealings to power density and fuel efficiency. Consequent weight reduction rounds off our endeavour to make our manual transmissions as efficient as possible.

For passenger cars as well as light commercial vehicles, we build inline transmissions for rear and four-wheel drives; transaxle longitudinal transmissions for front-wheel, rear-wheel and all-wheel drive; as well as transaxle transmissions for front-wheel or all-wheel drive.


Dynamic Performance On and Off Road

We offer highest performance in the most dynamic driving situations, reliability for extreme requirements in offroad operation and increased safety through best traction reliability. Magna’s transfer case systems are designed to meet the customer’s needs under various driving conditions. Combined with optimized front axle drives with low weight and small packaging, four-wheel drive (4WD) systems by Magna meet the demand for best-in-class fuel efficiency for each application.


All-Wheel Drive for Every Condition

Today's all-wheel drive (AWD) systems need to be light, easy to handle and fully adaptable to various driving conditions without sacrificing traction, performance or safety. Magna's solutions are built to meet the requirements of our customers. To achieve the best results for each driving situation, Magna combines Power Take-Off Units (PTU), AWD couplings and rear-axle drives to complete AWD systems.

Disconnect Systems

Better Fuel Efficiency with Fast Disconnect

Magna Flex4™ is a preemptive disconnect system which greatly increases the fuel efficiency of all-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles. With its fast and seamless reconnect process, it responds immediately to optimize vehicle safety, traction and dynamics. Disconnect systems help to improve fuel efficiency by engaging the all-wheel drive (AWD), four-wheel drive (4WD) system only when needed, thus providing significant fuel savings.

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7-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission 7DCT300

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ActiMax™ Premium 4WD. The Instinct to Perform​.

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Flex4™ Disconnect Systems

Better Fuel Efficiency with Fast Disconnect

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