PHEV Powertrain Solution

Uncompromised PHEV performance with superior efficiency and control

The EtelligentCommand is a technology demonstrator vehicle containing the dedicated hybrid drive DHD Plus at the front and the eDrive Mid+ at the rear axle. The system is designed for plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and full hybrid applications (HEV). The EtelligentCommand uses advanced software-based operating strategies, enabling future-oriented functions for uncompromised performance, efficiency, safety, and convenience.

The DHD Plus is based on proven and efficient dual-clutch technology, providing 120 kW peak power for high performance in all-electric driving. Vehicle launch is always electric, resulting in superior comfort, convenience, and controllability. An e-Crawler function adds outstanding creeping capability with increased wheel torque at low speed.

The eDS Mid+ drive at the rear is a highly integrated eDrive, offering 160 kW peak power. It includes a twin-clutch-based, highly responsive torque vectoring system. This increases cornering performance and safety, while significantly reducing the steering effort demand.

Electrified Powertrain Technologies - EtelligentCommand

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  • drive controller
  • operation strategy



EtelligentCommand for Drivability and Range in all Driving Situations


EtelligentCommand is a PHEV/HEV system featuring a dedicated hybrid drive DHD Plus at the front and an eDrive Mid+ with torque vectoring at the rear, combined with advanced software and controls. Various driving modes are available on command with uncompromised performance, outstanding drivability, as well as superior power handling and control.  ​

Competitive advantage/differentiators

  • Efficiency
    Enables up to -38% CO2 saving in real-world driving conditions and 110 km pure electric range (WLTP)
  • Safety
    Up to 15% safety margin
  • Dynamics
    Extended e-boost capability on front and rear axle
  • Sustainability
    -40% life cycle CO2 emissions (LCA 2025 to 2035)


  • Convenience
    Best-in-class drivability including eLaunch and modes for any driving situation


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