Automotive Applications & Cloud Services

Automotive Applications and Cloud Services

Magna’s Software solutions for vehicle development, customization and efficiency improvement

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In response to the ever-changing automotive landscape, Magna has developed advanced solutions that address the need for enhanced vehicle control and customization. These solutions, Magna Metrix and Magna Easet, have been designed to meet the evolving demands of the industry and provide innovative capabilities for data analysis, customization, and optimal vehicle performance.

  Magna Software - Metrix

Streamlined Vehicle Data Analysis and Visualization Solution


Metrix originates from Magna's internal development of prototype and demonstrator vehicles, where understanding component performance within the context of complete vehicle applications is essential. Prototype vehicles, based on series vehicles from various OEMs, are retrofitted with Magna powertrain components and thoroughly tested on both test benches and during track drives. Metrix was specifically designed to analyse resulting vehicle data, providing easy access to vehicle parameters even during active driving. 

Metrix for OEM`s:

The integrated Metrix system offers comprehensive insights into vehicle properties during the evolutionary phase and aids in presenting vehicle features effectively. Its versatile app allows for intuitive and modern presentations, highlighting key features and enabling flexible adjustment of component parameters.

It efficiently extracts and translates raw data from the vehicle bus (e.g. control area network) CAN into relevant vehicle Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real-time, facilitating management and media presentations. These vehicle KPIs are either jointly aligned between the customer and Magna or preconfigured by Magna. This system primarily targets OEM senior management and decision-makers, media personnel during presentations, and owners of test and demonstration vehicles.


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The advantages of Metrix at the OEM level are rooted in transparency, competence building, simplicity, and convenience. It is an integral part of all Magna demonstration vehicles.

In summary, Metrix offers:

  • Access to vehicle data buses
  • Compatibility with vehicles from different OEMs
  • Integration of optional additional sensor inputs
  • Efficient data filtering and transmission to cloud storage for later analysis
  • Visualization of live and stored data through dashboards on mobile devices and desktop computers
  • Optional setting of vehicle parameters


Metrix for Public Transport:

Furthermore, Metrix has found application beyond automotive use cases, particularly in the public transport sector. By expanding supported interfaces to include Fleet Management Systems (FMS) and IBIS, Metrix has been implemented for fleet operators, focusing on energy savings through transparency and optimization derived from insights.

Metrix: Streamlining Fleet Telemetry Data Management

Metrix is a comprehensive solution for capturing, storing, analyzing, and visualizing the telemetry data of your vehicle fleet.

As a manufacturer-independent solution, Metrix places particular emphasis on:

  • easy installation and expandability
  • support for different vehicle manufacturers
  • objective data processing and easily accessible analyses
  • user-friendly operation.
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  Magna Software - Easet

Simplifying Vehicle Setup with an Intuitive App

Magna Easet translates an arbitrarily complex amount of vehicle settings into basic end-consumer values through a single, easy-to-read graphical representation. This reduces complexity and allows for an intuitive user experience. Today, vehicles offer numerous different settings, which make it hard for the driver to select the appropriate configuration, which fits best his or her current needs and passion. Therefore, the target groups of this system are the vehicle driver (end user), the OEM (in refining the matrix between vehicle settings and end-consumer values as well as HMI integration) as well as the owner of test carrier and demo vehicles for presentations.

The interaction concept of Magna Easet offers an intuitive possibility to make all the different vehicle settings transparent to the driver in one single view and it translates an arbitrary number of specific settings into end-consumer values like efficiency, agility or comfort. The very same visualization is used for changing the settings.

The Magna Easet is part of the Magna EtelligentReach demonstration vehicles.

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The merits on vehicle driver level are built on fully customizable vehicle settings, an intuitive user experience while being is independent of the vehicle type, powertrain or E/E architecture,

Christian Backfrieder, Manager Automotive IoT

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