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Magna Powertrain Testing Services


Our service portfolio is divided into the areas of endurance testing, component testing, metrology and materials testing, and materials analysis.

Testing Services is your reliable partner in the areas of testing, materials and failure analysis, and metrology. We offer a wide range of services. This includes endurance testing of multi-speed transmissions and e-axles, component testing and vehicle testing on the climatic roller test rig. In the materials laboratory, we can provide support mainly on metallography, mechanical testing methods, non-destructive testing methods and spectral analysis, among many other tests. Our metrology department is specialized in complex metrology tasks. Strain gage application, telemetry and calibration of measurement systems are just a few examples.

Endurance Testing

Endurance testing is a critical aspect of vehicle and system testing. Magna has decades of experience in this area. Our teams specialize in testing multi-speed transmissions, e-axles, components and vehicles on the climatic roller dynamometer or test track. These tests are used to prove that products perform reliably, have a long service life, and meet specifications.  
The climatic roller test bench enables individual and reproducible driving situations, as well as driving standard cycles (e.g. WLTP). Environmental influences such as ambient temperature and humidity can be set on request, which significantly expands the possibilities of drivable operating points. 

Development and endurance test benches

  • All-wheel A/C roller test bench up to 660kW peak power
  • 2M-4M development test benches for transmission testing
  • 2M endurance test benches for e-axles with corresponding HV supply
  • 3M acoustic test bench with HV supply
  • Air conditioning and media conditioning of the test specimens
Function and component test stands
  • Parking lock test stand
  • Hydraulic test stands for hydraulic development and testing
  • Shaker test bench air-conditionable
  • Climate chambers for components and units
  • Cooling container for vehicles up to -40°C

Programming and simulation

  • Programming of test cycles according to specification
  • Programming of dSpace Autobox or Scalexio
  • Programming of LabView tasks
  • Simulation of the dynamic behavior of the combustion engine on the transmission system test bench
  • Simulation of driving resistances
  • Simulation of vehicle environments for system tests on the endurance test bench
Design of operating equipment
  • Planning, design and production of adaptations, fixtures and welded constructions
  • 3D printer




Materials Laboratory

Our expertise in Testing Services also includes materials and failure analysis in the materials laboratory. In addition to a wide range of tests, we can also support you in the areas of metallography, mechanical testing methods, non-destructive testing methods and spectral analysis. This provides you with well-founded results that can be relevant for important decisions regarding material selection and heat treatment. You are looking for the cause of the damage, we will help you and show where and how the damage occurred. 

  • Mechanical sampling
  • Metallography
  • Mechanical technological testing
  • Vibration and fatigue tests
  • Non-destructive testing methods
  • Technical cleanliness
  • Scanning electron microscope
  • Damage analysis according to VDI 3822
  • Tensile-pressure testing machine up to 600kN



The field of measurement technology offers a wide range of possibilities in all metrological questions. Beyond the acquisition, measurement and evaluation of all physical quantities, we offer individual setups of telemetry measurements.  

The advantage: From the selection and procurement of the measurement technology to the implementation, everything comes from a single source and is therefore optimally coordinated.  

  • Application of strain gauges (DMS) for torque or force measurement
  • Setup of telemetry (strain gauge, displacement, temperature), inductive 1kHz
  • Measurement and recording of physical measurement variables
  • Highspeed camera (up to 150.000 frames/sec)
  • microscopy
  • endoscopy
  • thermography
  • Calibration of force, displacement, pressure, temperature and torque transducers
  • Implementation of measurement tasks with data logger



Have we sparked your interest?

Our Engineering Center in St. Valentin also offers the following testing services:

  • Fatigue testing
  • Engine test stands
  • High-altitude climate test stand
  • eDrive testing
  • Multifunctional four-wheel roller dynamometer
  • Test sites
  • Measurement services
  • Vehicle function testing
  • System/HiL test stand

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