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Sustainability Drives the
Power of Magna

My father became a “green” pioneer by earning the trust of his customers; today, the business he started years ago specializes in recycling. I witnessed those lessons in sustainability from an early age, and they continue to be a huge influence on my work at Magna.

A treasured family photo in my home shows me at age three, “helping” my dad fix one of his garbage trucks. My dad was an Austrian entrepreneur who saw people dumping trash in rivers and streams in the 1960s and wanted to change things. He would tell me, “I want to make the world a little bit better and cleaner.”


My role is to help orchestrate the products, processes, information and talents of Magna as we shape mobility of the future and the factory of the future for an emission-free, connected and electric world. Our innovations offer established automakers and new entrants a clear vision and a path to the future of mobility - but we want to keep the driving experience fun without having a negative impact on the environment.

Magna is working on many electrification solutions to achieve this balance like our EV Platform Solutions. These help automakers reduce what can be a significant investment in new EVs while reducing time to market. Our modular EV platform, for example, with pure electric drive can be adapted to different requirements – it’s already on the market and our customers tell us it is resulting in faster development and product launch.

And our electrified powertrain solutions EtelligentReachEtelligentForce and EtelligentEco are gaining a lot of attention in the growing electrification space. I was very proud to show off these technologies at the IAA show in Munich recently and as a result of our innovations, Magna is a partner of choice in the launch of some of the most highly anticipated new EVs.


But it doesn’t stop there. We’re constantly reviewing our strategy to make sure that we’re ready for the tremendous opportunities ahead. The recent joint venture announcement with LG Electronics is a prime example – helping us to establish an even larger leadership position in the e-powertrain market.

As the lead for R&D at Magna globally, I’m in a unique position to leverage this capability and help to advance mobility for everyone and everything, responsibly. And the mindset instilled in me by my father stays with me to this day. It drives me to embrace the challenges and seek opportunities to make our planet a cleaner one for generations to come.


Anton Mayer

Anton Mayer

A laser focus on the environment is central to who we are and what we do at Magna. It’s why we are among the industry’s leaders in setting ambitious targets, such as a achieving our carbon-neutrality goal by 2025 in Europe and globally by 2030. Magna offers a range of technologies that will help meet these goals. Already today, 70% of our engineering projects and about 15% of our production projects are related to the growing EV market. Magna is a one-stop shop that is perfectly positioned for these transformative times.

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