Review 2019

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Supplier Innovation Challenge 2019

This year Magna Powertrain hosted the 3rd edition of the Supplier Innovation Challenge. From April to June 2019 current and potential future suppliers submitted their ideas and innovative concepts in the categories: Electrification, Intelligent Control System and Materials & Production Processes. By mid of September a team of experts had nominated eight participants to join the Supplier Innovation Day 2019 on November 21st.

The finalists were invited to present their innovative products and ideas to the local engineers at a vivid exhibition at the Engineering Center Steyr in St. Valentin. In the evening the event continued at the Sky Loft of the museum Ars Electronica Center - a hotspot for futuristic ideas and technologies in Linz.

Mr. Steven Rush, Vice President Purchasing, opened the ceremony with a video message and Ms. Barbara Neumann, Cost Analyst New Technologies, Innovations & Future Products, further lead through the inspiring presentations. Together with Steffen Wonder, Senior Director Corporate Engineering & R&D, and Michael Hinterleitner, Director Strategic Commodity Management-EU, the Supplier Innovation Award 2019 was then handed-over to the following companies:

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1st Place
Materials & Production Processes

Solvay Speciality Polymers – Immersion Cooling for Power Electronics

1st Place

Schwering & Hasse Elektrodraht GmbH – Flat Magnet wires with extreme film thicknesses