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We help vehicle manufacturers meet increasingly stringent safety, fuel efficiency, emission reduction and overall vehicle performance requirements. Development centers all over the world ensure a global, intercultural and interdisciplinary mindset as we innovate for the automotive markets of the future. Our experts collaborate and form one team to meet and exceed customer needs, regionally and globally. To constantly improve our creative process, we collaborate with universities and well-known research centers worldwide, pursuing one goal: bringing cutting-edge technologies and advanced systems know-how to the road.

Our manufacturing locations, engineering centers, and sales offices are situated close to our global customer base, stretching throughout all regions of the world.

Magna Powertrain consists of four groups:

Transmission Systems

Transmission Systems (formerly Getrag) joined the Magna Powertrain family in 2016. With more than 80 years of experience and products for manual, dual-clutch and hybrid transmissions, Transmission Systems completes Magna Powertrain's product portfolio. The transmission specialist covers the entire development chain from an idea to series production. Based on layshaft technology, our products offer a variable combination of efficiency, driving comfort and performance.

    Driveline Systems

    Magna Powertrain is the global leader in the development, integration, and industrialization of innovative, efficient and cost-effective four-wheel drive (4WD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) systems. We support transverse and longitudinal drivetrain layouts for a variety of vehicle segments, including electrified drivetrains. Our leading driveline applications support future market requirements for safety, performance, CO2 reduction and global platform strategy concepts for OEMs. With our etelligentDrive systems, we are providing solutions to meet the requirements of future eMobility already today.

    Metal-Forming Solutions

    As a leader and innovator in providing high-quality metal-formed products, Magna Powertrain’s Metal-Forming Solutions group offers a vast diversity of advanced processes for a wide range of applications. From individually optimized parts to completely assembled modules, our deep knowledge of powertrain systems and manufacturing concepts allows us to provide the right solution to meet our customer’s requirements.

    Engineering Services 

    Magna Powertrain’s Engineering Service organization is a globally recognized development partner for vehicle engineering, powertrain systems, alternative propulsion systems, application software, and a full range of testing services. We focus on future technologies, with a strong emphasis on providing complete powertrain solutions, through systems competence and electrification capabilities.

    Transmission Systems

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