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AEE 2023 l May 24-26
Yokohama, Japan

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Magna Complete Vehicle Manufacturing & Engineering

From ideas to reality – Magna’s complete vehicle expertise is based on more than 120 years of experience in the engineering and manufacturing of vehicles. As one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers, we are shaping the future of mobility.

Magna Engineering Services

Our testing infrastructure and broad know-how in the fields of vehicle engineering, propulsion systems, simulation services and testing & validation, makes us the perfect partner for engineering services. We cover overall vehicle development scopes and focus on lightweight design, modularity and the integration of alternative propulsion solutions for state of the art zero emission vehicles.

Magna Zero-G

Magna’s Zero-G mechanism has a scalable architecture design that allows for maximum comfort and a luxurious consumer experience. The seat adjusts from the drive position to reading or sleeping modes with finite seat adjustments and lower leg support. Our modular fit can be applied in multiple areas of the vehicle and is intended for idle mode. We are working toward ABTS capabilities to allow the vehicle to become an extension of your living room. ​

Magna eBeam™ Electric Axle Drive System

eBeam™ offers a structure-oriented design that supports high-payload vehicles with matching power for continuous-duty usage. It is designed as a drop-in replacement for existing beam axles in LCVs, SUVs, and Trucks, in classes 1 - 6.

Magna eLocker for eBeam™ and eDrive Axle Differentials

Magna's electro-magnetic eLocker is an integrated solution applied to an open differential on eBeam or eDrive axles to ensure the drive power is transferred to both wheels in slippery or uneven terrain conditions.

Magna eDrive System Mid+ with Decoupling+

The eDrive system is equipped with Decoupling+ a combination of an integrated decoupling unit and a predictive controls strategy. Together with next-gen technology options in the e-motor, inverter, gearbox and intelligent software strategy, it contributes to best-in-class efficiency, safety, convenience and dynamics.

Magna eDecoupler EV Disconnect

Magna's electro-magnetic Decoupler acts a stand alone or integrated power flow decoupler for EV applications.  When combined with Magna's predictive control software, the "Decoupling+" feature increases EV range by reducing drag torque of the E-motor and gearbox for primary and secondary eDrive systems when in standby mode.

Magna ADAS Enabling Fascia Assembly with StyleShutter™

The StyleShutter is a visible active grill shutter integrated with the fascia into the most forefront area of the vehicle. With the shutters prime location, an aerodynamic improvement of up to 17 counts is possible which is equivalent to removing 50 kilograms from the vehicle. The StyleShutter brings endless design features starting with molded in color for base level models to textures, patterns in other decorative options with integrated lighting for higher trim models as well as allows for creative sensor integration.

Magna Mezzo Panel™

This first-to-market, large-format decorated front panel uses in-mold film and integrates state-of-the-art sensors, cameras and light technologies to enable unique OEM brand distinction. This is achieved by combining innovative materials and process technologies to achieve a high-quality hidden until lit surface while seamlessly integrating radar.

The Power of Magna

Using our unique experience across the entire vehicle and deep product expertise, we’re able to define problems and find the best, most comprehensive solutions to the mobility challenges of today and tomorrow. Combining that with our integrated systems approach and complete vehicle engineering and manufacturing knowledge makes our collective expertise your competitive advantage.

The Power of Magna

Magna’s Full System Approach Makes Us Your Competitive Advantage

Every day, Magna is driving change where it matters most, challenging the status quo and pushing innovation forward. Our desire to do better for everyone and everything inspires the big thinking and advancements we bring to the world.

That is why we never look at things from only one angle. Our highly integrated approach serves as your innovation hub – a system partner with the capabilities to bring state-of-the-art engineering methods and highly automated production processes to your door.

We are not only meeting the challenges of tomorrow – we are embracing them, and creating full-system solutions in electrification, mobility, and beyond to help you create the vehicle of the future. It is how we move Forward. For all.

Aki Ukaji
Manager, Marketing & Communications