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We have apprentice positions open for training starting in September 2024!

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Please click on your dream company and send your application directly online by clicking on the “Apply” button.

CAUTION: Due to data protection regulations, we are regrettably unable to accept or take into account applications sent by email or as hard copy (paper)!

Magna Steyr Graz

Open training positions

Magna Powertrain Lannach

Open training positions

Magna Powertrain Ilz

Open training positions

Magna Powertrain Albersdorf

Open training positions

Magna Heavy Stamping Albersdorf

Open training positions

Magna Presstec Weiz

Open training positions

Magna Energy Storage Systems Weiz

Open training positions

Application checklist

The following information and tips are intended to aid you with your application.

You can apply from October to the end of March.


You’ll see the training positions that are open at each site in the apprenticeship postings

How do you apply?

  • Go to the „Apply now“ menu item and click on the site at which you would like to work.
  • At the end of the posting click on the „Apply“ button.
  • Fill in all fields carefully.
  • Upload the following documents:
    • Application letter stating your desired profession (it's advisable to state a second desired profession in your application)
    • Résumé with photograph
    • Graduation certificate of the 8th grade (for students who did a year at preschool, the 7th grade)


Once you’ve completed your application, you’ll receive an automatic confirmation by email.


The admission tests will start in December. You’ll get a separate invitation for that.
The admission test consists :

  • a mathematics-logic test on a computer
  • a practical test that differs according to the desired profession
  • and an interview




Magna recommends PLAYMIT. With the help of PLAYMIT, you can prepare yourself optimally for your application. Enclose your PLAYMIT certificate with your application and boost your chances to get one of the coveted apprenticeship placements at Magna. Click on the left button to get to the PLAYMIT website.






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