Für Eltern

For parents

For young people, choosing the right career and then looking for a job is an important step. This often raises many questions for you as parents as well.

What are my child’s strengths and weaknesses?

What are their interests? In a constantly changing world of work, what professions show promise going forward?
It is not always easy finding an apprenticeship that matches your daughter’s or your son’s skills and is also fun. To help you make an informed decision together with us, we would like to provide you with the following information. After all, the match between your child’s ideas and personal qualifications and the professional requirements of the training determine very much what is the right apprenticeship for your child.

We will answer all your questions – and provide you with some insight into our apprenticeship programs, the application process and day-to-day working life at Magna.



What educational qualifications are required for an apprenticeship at Magna?
Is a particular grade point average required?
What are the skills and interests that a Magna apprentice needs to have?
What are the working hours of the apprentices?
What work clothing is needed?
Who supervises the apprentices at Magna?
How do the apprentices get to Magna in Graz?
Where is the vocational school?
Is there also a boarding school available?
What happens after the apprenticeship?
Does Magna offer internships abroad during the apprenticeship?
Are there any options for try-it-out days at the company?
Where can I find information on “Apprenticeship with high school diploma”?
How does Magna support “Apprenticeship with high school diploma”?
What’s the deadline to apply for starting an apprenticeship in September?
How can I apply?