BEV Powertrain Solution

Advanced BEV 4WD powertrain system for Sport and Light Utility Vehicles

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These products are only available for OEM`s (automotive manufacturers) and are not sold to retail/end customers.

The Magna EtelligentTerrain is a battery electric 4WD powertrain system designed to maintain full on- and off-road capabilities with uncompromised payload and towing. Powered by eBeam™ axles both front and rear, it is designed for those who put their vehicles to work… on all terrains.  

EtelligentTerrain was built for three reasons: to show the versatility of eBeam™ in a Class 1 truck, demonstrate the off-road strength and durability of eBeam™, and to showcase Magna’s advanced software and controls, some of which are designed specifically for off-road driving. Built for serious capability, Magna’s eBeam™ drops into place of traditional beam axles, reusing existing suspension and brake systems, and preventing the need for expensive restructuring of existing truck platforms – saving OEMs time and money.

Magna’s sophisticated Energy and Motion Control software controls the two eBeams™, which include a steerable eBeam™ Mid at the front and an eBeam™ High at the rear, with a combined output of 426 kW of peak power. The Energy and Motion Control software includes off-road specific Drive Modes (selectable crawl, auto hill ascent/descent) and torque distribution capabilities (high range, e-selectable low range) – and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

All of this means one thing: capability. Off-road or on-road, EtelligentTerrain preserves the capability and brand image of true off-road vehicles known globally for their capability. All while preserving the environment with zero emissions.

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Front Axle

eBeam™ HD Mid​




  • drive controller
  • operation strategy
  • optional decoupling strategy

Rear Axle

eBeam™ HD High​


Powerful BEV Drivetrain Solution for Sport and Light Utility Vehicles

The EtelligentTerrain is a BEV technology demonstrator with Magna’s steerable eBeam™ Mid electrified beam axle at the front and eBeam™ High electrified beam axle at the rear, with electric locking differentials and front disconnect.

Competitive advantage/differentiators

  • eBeam™ technology is a direct replacement for traditional beam axles, requiring no restructuring to existing architectures
  • Combined with Magna Energy and Motion Control software, offers unique and highly-capable off-road features and controls
  • Seamless decoupling capability of front axle means more efficient operation


  • Durable beam axle design at both front and rear maintains off-road capabilities and brand image
  • Utilizes existing suspension and brake systems designs, resulting in no compromise of off-road capability, payload or towing capacities
  • Structure-oriented design for high-payload vehicles with continuous-duty usage, engineered to work and play as hard as these vehicles always have
  • Scalable design is applicable to passenger sport utility, pickup trucks, and light commercial vehicles
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