Magna Rohinni Automotive



Efficiency in a Thin Package

With uniform lighting, Magna Rohinni Automotive is a flexible substrate and able to be developed into complex shapes, which gives styling freedom to all brands.

Magna’s digital manufacturing capabilities with flexible tooling and quick iterations equal smooth and efficient production.   


FlecsForm’s ability is to provide a uniform lighting surface across the entire lighting module design for an elegant uniform lighting appearance for exterior tail and brake functions, with sleek dynamic motion for turn signal lighting.

News Release

Magna and Rohinni from a joint venture to revolutionize illumination in the automotive industry


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Exterior Vehicle Lighting

Through stylish integration of thin, flexible, micro and mini LEDs into exterior automotive parts, Magna Rohinni enables uniform lighting in an extremely thin package, complex shapes and improved power and thermal efficiency. This allows for complete design freedom and brand differentiation.

Exterior applications:
Tail lights
Daytime running lamps
Exterior mirror signals
Truck bed lights
License plate trim
Functional task, safety, security

Stylish Interior Applications

Magna Rohinni Automotive develops thin, bright, evenly distributed, flexible LED lighting with thinner packages with a high performance design. Using ultra-thin micro LED lighting solutions, these applications are brighter, lighter, and more energy-efficient.

Interior applications:
Center stack display backlight     
Gear shifter/center console
Instrument panel and cluster
Video and compass backlight
Ambient light
OEM signature backlight
Key pad backlight
V2X communication

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