Mirrors & Overhead Consoles

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Prime Real Estate for Feature Integration

Electronics have enabled mirrors to transform into vision systems which offer increased safety features and allow for unique styling. Magna is a leading full system supplier for innovative vision systems to the global automotive industry.

Interior Mirrors

Synergy Between Glass and Electronics

Magna is a global leader in providing high-tech interior mirrors that improve both the safety and overall aesthetics of the vehicle. Interior mirrors are not just a piece of glass, but are prime real estate for electronics integration.

Exterior Mirrors

Styling and Safety in One Package

Magna is a global leader providing high-tech exterior mirrors that not only improve safety, but improve the aesthetics of the vehicle. Exterior mirrors provide rearward vision while integrated electronics improve vehicle visibility and safety.


Robust. Efficient. Quiet.

Magna is a global leader in actuator design and manufacturing. Our actuators that enable features such as automatic power folding mirrors, mirror memory functions and other vehicle features. Robust, efficient and quiet – our actuators provide best in class performance and support any vehicle requirement.

Overhead Consoles

Enhancing the Driver Experience Through Feature Integration

Magna is a complete system supplier for overhead consoles that increase luxury, functionality and safety. Our focus is in the integration of technology and electronics to enhance style, safety and convenience within the vehicle.

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Magna's ClearView™ technology set to take market by storm.

After winning new business across multiple vehicle models for a global automaker, it’s official: Magna’s ClearView™ technology will enter the market in 2022. Using a unique combination of camera and mirror technology to provide drivers with an enhanced field of view, ClearView™ is made possible through Magna’s comprehensive expertise in intelligent vision systems using mirrors, cameras, electronics and software.