Magna Seating

Center of the Consumer Experience

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Magna FreeForm™ is an innovative seat trim technique that enables the freedom to achieve endless design possibilities, high seat concavity, improved comfort and enhanced cleanability.

Front panel of bucket seat from a vehicle

Front Panel

Delivers a smooth styling surface with hidden tiedowns and repeatable precision.

Cabin panel molded technology

Cabin Panel

Magna cabin panel molded technology opens the door to a cohesive cabin styling, taking interior theming to the next level.

Back panel of bucket seat from a vehicle

Back Panel

Magna back panel molded technology is an innovative alternative to wrapped plastic panels that provides a refined execution at a competitive cost and weight.


Our seats enable a cleaner mobility, utilizing our EcoSphere™ product family made up of; foam, trim foundation, face goods and structures. The center of our vision is the circular economy, based on reuse and regeneration of materials.
Diagram of Circular Economy

Auto Adjust

Magna’s Real Time Pressure Sensing technology obtains real time occupant pressure data to automatically adjust seating features to an optimized comfort position.

ZG Lounger™

Transport yourself to a world where the consumer can rest, relax, and recharge right within their own vehicle using our zero-gravity mechanism.
ZG Lounger Car Seat in sleep mode

ZG Lounger™ Sleep Mode

Effortlessly glide from drive to sleep mode with our scalable architecture possibilities.

Mechanism for cushion tilt

Cushion Tilt Mechanism

A modular design between the cushion and track enables optimal occupant comfort via cushion tilt.

Mechanism for leg rest

Leg Rest Mechanism

Leg rest lifts, extends and can be customized by occupant for preferred calf support.

Reconfigurable Seating

From carrying cargo to a long car ride to ride sharing – we have reconfigurable solutions that are reshaping the future of the vehicle cabin. The vehicle cabin can easily reconfigure to different “modes” utilizing our three technologies, power long rails, stadium swivel mechanism and IP nesting.
Car seat folded up and swivelling


Magna Stadium Swivel redefines mobility by providing flexible seating configurations that allow consumers to transform the vehicle interior for greater comfort, collaboration, and utility.​

Long rail seating tracks

Long Rail

Magna Long Rail provides ease of reconfigurability and flexibility for various occupant and cargo situations, allowing the vehicle cabin to be reshaped to offer a more useable and collaborative interior.​

Folded car seats on a track

Stadium Cushion

Magna’s stadium flip enables a greater level of interior flexibility to consumers by allowing seats to nest, opening new possibilities for cargo management.​​

Cell to Seat System

Harnessing the Power of Magna, our Cell to Seat System features reconfigurable seats on long rails integrated directly into the battery enclosure. Leveraging our deep systems knowledge, our technology integrates components to eliminate redundancies in the design and improve leak tightness, design flexibility, and weight reductions.