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September 4-8
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Magna Powertrain Capability Demonstrator

Magna Software - Energy & Motion Control is a functional modular and scalable software platform for high-voltage electrified vehicles like BEV, PHEV, HEV. It delivers Application Software for the software stack of the future Software Defined Vehicle (SDV), thus differentiation features for the OEM. The platform delivers advanced and predictive vehicle functions for energy & motion control independent of the powertrain layout and E/E architecture. Magna Software - Energy & Motion Control will be delivered as software as a product (SaaP), which offers new platform & partnership opportunities for OEMs.

Magna Battery Enclosures

Magna offers the complete array of battery enclosure production and engineering solutions. Advanced forming and integration projects are underway within Magna, focusing on steep walls and tight corners as well as functional integrations of the complete battery system, eliminating redundancies to allow for greater space optimization. 

Magna Automated Driving Systems

Access, awareness, and interaction are all key to building an exceptional driving experience from the moment you approach the vehicle, to the time you reach your destination. We are making the vehicle aware of the driver’s needs and surroundings to making the roads safer by reducing human error.

Magna Mirror Integrated Driver and Occupant Monitoring System

Our Driver Monitoring System utilizes proven camera-based technology that is seamlessly integrated into the interior mirror - which by design provides the best unobstructed view to the driver. The system monitors the drivers head, eye, and body movement to detect distracted behavior, drowsiness, and fatigue. 

Magna Mezzo™ Plus Featuring Morphing Surfaces

A seamless large decorative panel on the front of the vehicle. This front panel can integrate sensors, cameras, RADAR and functional lighting. Mezzo Plus presents the perfect canvas to integrate various communications features such as decorative lighting, words or symbols like battery charging status. Morphing surfaces can be harmonized into the surface so the exterior shape can change and adapt to improve efficiency and features.

Magna Breakthrough Lighting featured on Thermoplastic Tailgate

Enhanced vehicle exterior experience with hidden until lit lighting effects that achieve unique brand identity. Breakthrough Lighting demonstrates how lighting advances the communication between the user, vehicle, and its surroundings.

Magna Voice Activation Module Featured on Thermoplastic Tailgate

An activation module with sound processing validated for automotive exterior grade use.  This module can be packaged in multiple exterior locations enabling voice commands to activate OEM desired features, including activation of a power tailgate.

Magna Seat of the Future

Magna FreeForm™ trim technology enables stylists to create the designs they envision without today’s existing obstacles. Additionally, the Central Seat ECU provides a scalable solution with the capability to incorporate features for all rows of seating and other vehicle controls. Magna’s Real Time Pressure Sensing technology can measure occupant pressures and adjust bolsters automatically based on pre-determined preferred positions.

Magna One-Stop Shop from Vision to Reality

Our Complete Vehicle One-Stop Shop is an experienced & flexible partner from the first sketch to the start of production. We enable our customers to bring their vision of mobility to the road. Close collaboration of engineering and manufacturing ensures short time-to-market and high product quality.

Composite Battery Cover

The Composite EV Battery Cover allows for the creation of large, one-piece solutions with complex geometry.

This lightweight, one-piece cover provides up to 30% reduction in tooling investments, and our sheet metal compound (SMC) material enables a variety of packaging options.

SMC is uniquely suited to battery cover applications as it is a high-performing, flame-retardant material that meets the most stringent testing level for thermal events.

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The Power of Magna

Magna’s Full System Approach Makes Us Your Competitive Advantage

Our holistic approach is your competitive advantage across the complete vehicle and beyond. Through our global networked knowledge and collaborative teamwork, relevant innovations are created. As a system partner, we are the innovation hub with state-of-the-art simultaneous engineering methods and highly automated production processes.

We are prepared to meet new CO2 regulations, to prioritize efficiency and performance for all electrified solutions and help you create the vehicle that meets the needs of tomorrow.

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Stories behind the Tech
Car with sensors and showing senor capabilities driving on road

Jim Quesenberry
Breakthrough Lighting

Inside mirror with a person image in the mirror

Peter Spencley
Driver Monitoring System

Ghosted vehicle driving along a road with location of sensors in the vehicle and the obstacles indicated in the vehicle's path

Active Safety

Mezzo Panel with Morphing Surfaces technology

Mark Hess
Mezzo™ Plus

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